Beyond The Existence is a Greek Atmospheric Death Metal band, founded in 2012 by the band’s lead singer Ikki (Ikaros Poimenidis) in the city of Thessaloniki.
The band’s earliest releases were categorized as Atmospheric
Death Metal, Death Gothic Metal, inspired by acts such as After Forever, Dark Tranquillity, The Duskfall and many more.

In 2013 with the release of their 1st Demo, the band’s line up was altered many times and had a major shift in its musical style. At the same time, the group started acknowledging their growing influence of different genres such as Melodic Death Metal, Progressive/Technical Metal and hints of Thrash Metal. That resulted in a huge reconstruction of their sound, which lead the band’s musical genre to be known as Atmospheric Death Metal. The aggressive guttural vocals, mixed with technical guitar riffs and piano/strings arrangements, earned them recognition and support beyond the European border, in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, USA, Brazil and Japan. In May of 2016, after their debut album “Silent Mourning” was released, the band started touring around Greece and Europe to promote their new material, playing alongside and supporting acts such as Testament, Moospell, In Mourning, E-An-Na, GOD, Taine, White Walls, Velian.

In 2019, after the reslease of the second album of the band titled “Thoughts Through The Imagination”, a new version of “Silent mourning” started being recorded. Which had a batter quality of sound, there was no keyboards anymore and there was vocals updates which made the songs more easy to listen.

By now, Ikaros alone is working and recording new songs for his third album entitled “Absolute Zero”

Discography* Beyond The Existence – Demo (2013)
* Silent Mourning (2016)

* Thoughts Through Imagination

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